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Rock Painting Tutorial - "Fairies in Love"

"Fairies in Love"

Hi and welcome to my rock painting blog!  Thank you for joining me for this rock painting tutorial, it is my hope that you will find it fun and informative.

If you follow the directions outlined below, you will be able to create a rock just like the one pictured here...

Fairies in Love
Hand-Painted Rock by nancymaggielee

Before you begin

with the detailed STEP #’s below, you should do the following…

1.  Find a rock you want to paint, making sure it's the right size and shape for your image.  Wash and dry your rock.  If you need help finding a rock, read this article.

2.  Paint the rock with two coats of white acrylic paint using a foam paint brush.

3.  Select a picture you would like on your rock and print it out onto wax paper.

You may want to watch the videos and read the articles in the section below for more information about these pre-steps...


REFERENCE ARTICLES & VIDEOS for more detailed information on the steps above

To learn how to find and download any image into a word processing document, resize it and print it out refer to the following article:

“Learn How to Find and Print Pictures after Downloading into Word Processing Documents”

Learn how to make your own wax paper sheets (from a roll of ordinary kitchen wax paper) to print on, watch this video:

How to Make Wax or Freezer Paper Sheets for your Inkjet Printer

Learn how to transfer an image using freezer paper:

"Making Freezer Paper Sheets" 


“How to Transfer an Image to a Rock Using White Acrylic Paint and Mod Podge”

*Please note the following:

- The video links above may also be linked below in the STEPS, however, I just wanted to group them together in the beginning of this post so that you can get a general idea of what the procedure is.

-  Also noteworthy, the video links above in this section will most likely be from different rock painting tutorials, so while the image may be different, the procedure will be the same.  This is just pre-information linked together for your convenience and to reference throughout the tutorial.


So, now that you have a general idea of what is involved and you have watched some of the above videos, you are ready to begin!

Are you ready to paint a beautiful rock???  Let’s go…


STEP #1:

   Deciding on an image and designing the rock in your mind

There are so many fairy images available on the Internet that this may very well be the hardest part of your rock painting!

I love painting flowers and fairies on my rocks, you may like to paint birds and butterflies.  There is no right or wrong way because there are no mistakes in crafts! 

For this rock painting tutorial, I will be using fairies as the subject of my rock painting.

Whatever you want to paint on your rock, using the method outlined in this blog post will require finding an image to transfer first and in order to do that, I have linked an article below this paragraph for your reference on this process...

“Learn How to Find and Print Pictures after Downloading into Word Processing Documents” (you may have already read this because it is included in the pre-steps section)

After you have found the image, you are going to transfer, you will print it out onto wax paper (see STEP #2 below).

This is the image I chose for the rock painting "Fairies in Love" featured in this blog post...

You can find many pictures of fairies on Pinterest.
I have a collection of fairy pictures linked here
 if you would like to view them.

You will notice from the picture of the finished rock at the top of this page that I flipped the image horizontally before I printed my image of these fairies onto wax paper.

It is not necessary to flip the image, but just keep it in mind that the image is going to be transferred face down onto the rock's surface and will be opposite of the image on the screen when you print it out onto the wax paper.

You can flip an image in two different ways. 

The first way is to use the 'Format Picture' commands at the top of the word processing page.   After copying and pasting the image into the word processing document, 'right click' on the picture with your mouse and a black line will appear around the image.

At the top of the page, you will see 'Format Picture' in the choices.  Go to 'Rotate' and then select 'Flip Horizontal'.  You can also use these 'Format Picture' commands to resize your image by moving the mouse back and forth on the black line around the picture.

The second way to flip the picture is in your computer's print commands.  Use the 'Advanced Features' in your print command and select 'mirror image' before sending it to the printer.

STEP #2:

   Print your image onto wax paper and transfer picture to your rock

Paint your rock’s surface with two coats of white acrylic paint, allowing each coat to dry in between.

Using your word processing program, print your image onto wax paper.  Allow it to dry for about 30 seconds before placing it face down onto the dry white paint surface of your rock.

This is what the wax paper will look like when it's secured to the
computer paper with Scotch tape.   Place an arrow on it too 
in case you want to re-insert the wax paper and print over
 the image 2 or 3 more times to get more ink on the wax paper
to make the transferred image more vibrant.

Wax paper sheet in the rear tray before printing image.

This is a picture of my print commands screen in
my word processing program.  Yours could be
the same, but if not, it will be similar.  This is
the screen where you can change the direction
of the image before printing.  Look for something
in your 'Print' menu like 'Printer Properties'

STEP #3:

   Place the Freezer Paper Image onto Rock’s Surface to Dry

Turn your wax paper image upside down onto your rock's surface.

Try not to move the paper at all because this will smudge the ink.  Once it is in place, secure the paper to the rock using Scotch tape to hold it steady so that it won’t slip.

Rub the back side of the paper gently with your fingertips and smooth out the paper and try to make sure every part of the inked surface of the picture is touching the rock’s surface.  Push out all bubbles that might have formed.

This is my rock with the wax paper image
placed face down before I burnished it
with my flat edge

Place a piece of wax paper over the image that's face down.  You will do this so that when you use a credit card or flat edge over it hopefully it won't tear. 

As you may know, wax paper is thin, so adding an extra layer of wax paper provides extra protection for your printed image by allowing you to push the paint onto the rock's surface with a little extra pressure using your flat edge or credit card.

Now use your flat edge to go over the wax paper sheets that are on your rocks surface; this is called burnishing.  Make sure you go over it several times for best results.


STEP #4:

Reveal the Image by Peeling off the Paper

Once you have burnished your image, gently peel the wax paper back to reveal the transferred image!  What fun!

I hope it turned out great, but if you have any questions or problems, please leave them in the 'Comments' section on this post and I will be happy to get back to you.

Use your paint pens to add color to your painting.  You can add definition to the image by using extra fine black Sharpies. 

You might also want to stencil some flowers onto blank spaces onto the rock to add more color and decoration.  Trace the flowers with the stencil and color them to your liking!

Apply at least three coats of Mod Podge with a foam brush to finish your rock. 

Your rock is now ready to enjoy for yourself, give away as a gift, or sell at a craft fair.

I hope you had fun, enjoy!


Rocks for Painting

Inkjet Printer

Computer Paper

Mod Podge Matte Gel Medium

Painting Flowers on Rocks

White acrylic paint


Arteza Paint Pens

Sharpie Permanent Markers

Sharpie Ultra Fine Black Marker (for outlines)

Art Markers

Shuttle Art Markers

Peel and Stick Flower Stencil

Leaf and Ivy Stencil

Deco Art White Paint Pen

Paint Markers


Supplies Sidenote:   Not all of the above products will be needed for this particular tutorial. I have linked to some supplies that I use in my rock paintings so that you can have access to some of my favorite products, but you can find most of these in your local craft store.

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Please visit my WEBSITES for more information about ROCK PAINTING:

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Thanks again for visiting!  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and hope to see you again soon.  And remember...

Be creative and be happy!

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How to Paint a Rock using Stencils

The stencil method outlined in this blog post makes it possible for anyone to paint a flower rock.  There are many different methods that can be used to paint flowers, but stencils can really simplify the process.

So, if you are someone who has always wanted to paint flowers on a rock but thought you didn't have any artistic skills, then this is the rock painting tutorial for you!   Using this method, you will be able to paint a rock just like the one pictured here...

Irises & Hollyhocks
painted rock by nancymaggielee

Flower stencils make it easy to get a base image onto a rock that can be embellished with paint pens later, and the instructions on how to do this will be included in a video below on this page entitled...

The step-by-step DIRECTIONS will also be found below and should be numbered clearly for your easy reference.

If you do have any questions though, please don't hesitate to leave them in the 'Comments' section on this blog post and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Below on this page I have provided a list of the SUPPLIES (below) I used in this project with links to where you can purchase most of them online for your convenience.  

The rock displayed above was made years ago, therefore the stencil I used may not be available at the time you purchase one, so I wanted to include link to a website where you can purchase other large flower stencils like the one pictured here...

Designer Stencils
(click link to learn more)

Rock Painter T-shirt


  1. Find a rock you want to paint, making sure it's the right size and shape for your image.  Wash and dry your rock.
  2. Paint the rock with two coats of gray acrylic paint with a foam paint brush.  You can also use black acrylic paint or dark green as well, as long as the background looks like it could be found in nature.  The gray background makes it look like slate, but a green background can make it look like the normal background in a flower bed in between the leaves.
  3. After the dark background paint is good and dry, take your flower stencil and place it on top of the rock's surface.  Use Scotch tape to secure it to the rock so that the stencil will stay in place...
  4. Using a stencil brush and white acrylic paint, tap your paint onto the dark background.  This will allow whatever color you are going to use to pop when you color over the initial image that has been stenciled in white.
  5. After the stencil design in white paint has dried, use your art pens to add color.  You can use Sharpies or Arteza paint pens or whatever permanent ink you desire.
  6. After your rock dries completely, spray with a weather resistant sealer at least three times, allowing it to dry in between.
  7. Watch "How to Paint a Rock with Stencils below...


Paint Tray

Rocks for Painting

Gray Paint for Background

Foam Paint Brushes (for painting background)

White Acrylic Paint

Red Acrylic Paint

Green Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Paint Assorted Colors

Flower Stencil (Sunflowers)

Stencil Brushes

Scotch Tape

Black Fine Point Sharpies

Arteza Paint Pens

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